Burning the Midnight Oil

Surviving university and fighting writer's block

4 January
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Interests: (88)
age of fire, american history, american politics, ancient egypt, band of brothers, baseball, bioware, black jewels series, black phoenix alchemy lab, books, boston, boston red sox, brandon sanderson, cats, celtic punk, chocolate, coffee, cowboy bebop, criminal minds, crossword puzzles, dragon age, dragons, dropkick murphys, dune, elizabeth bear, fables, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, firebringer trilogy, firefly, geekiness, h.p. lovecraft, hating the yankees, history, horse racing, horseback riding, horses, j.r.r. tolkien, knitting, law, literature, lord of the rings, mass effect, men in uniform, mercedes lackey, meredith ann pierce, military history, mistborn, mst3k, mythbusters, mythology, neil gaiman, nightside, politics, ranting and raving, reading, robert frost, roleplaying games, rts games, sarcasm, science fiction, simon r. green, star wars, stargate, steampunk, temeraire, terry pratchett, the dresden files, the great escape, the killers, the last unicorn, the mummy, thoroughbreds, tin man, trans-siberian orchestra, tv tropes, unicorns, urban fantasy, video games, war movies, westerns, winter, wliia?, world building, world of warcraft, world war ii, writing
Vaguely insane young woman from Boston. Nearly rabid Red Sox fanatic. Dreams of being a lawyer and a published author one day (and maybe President, too). Self-described bibliophile with highly eclectic tastes (which also extends to movies and TV shows and music), also obsessed with horses and large displays of pyrotechnics. Likes the military (a lot - thinks a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is the sexiest thing ever built by man), but freely admits she'd never survive basic training.

Content to read all day and game all night or vice versa. Writes quite a bit, mostly science fiction and urban fantasy and steampunk. Loves English and history, especially anything to do with the American Revolution or World War II (especially World War II). Relapsed WoW addict and devourer of RTS games, RPGs, and puzzle games. Procrastinates, but works very well under pressure. Sarcastic sense of humor, no tolerance for idiots. Fond of hitting twin brother upside the head when he's being particularly annoying (and, y'know, in range). Political science major during undergrad and off to law school this fall.

Is not actually named DT. Will, however, answer to it just as readily as her real name, if not more so.

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